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Thanks Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt had a great show tonight!

Listen to Hugh as he continues his conversation with John Campbell, plays a terrific Ohio rally speech by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and replays his interview with Jim Geraghty.

At about 24 minutes into his show he has me plug my blog on his show.

Listen now.

Thanks Hugh for all you do.


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What Khalidi told me…

I spoke with Professor Khalidi today…

Khalidi: Where are you from?

BazzNewzz: I am from America.  Why won’t the LA Times release the video?

Khalidi: Why should they?

BazzNewz: It’s newsworthy. I am a concerned citizen and think I should be informed before casting my ballot.

Khalidi: Nothing bad went on. That is why they will not release it.

I’ll let you know more of what he said and what others are telling me he said when they called…

In the meantime, let us hear about your call…

And post it here at the scattershooting blog…

Keep checking back after saturday night when I return…

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Ask Professor Khalidi…

The LA Times seems to think it’s not in the public interest what went on at the Jew bashing party Barack Obama attended at his friend Rashid Khalidi’s house.

I was thinking…if the LA Times doesn’t want Americans to know, maybe Professor Khalidi will let us know.

He does not take calls from journalists…only private citizens…

Call 212.666.5463

Amazing little thing that Google search…

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Obama’s definition of rich…

First in July of 2008 he promised tax cuts to everyone making under $300K…

Next in September of 2008 he suggested it was for everyone making under $250K…

Then in October of 2008 he maintains its was for everyone making less than $200K…

Biden then said middle class constitutes those making under $150K…

Richardson now claims Obama will provide a tax cut for everyone making under $120K…

It won’t be too long before we get back to the $97K he claimed was rich in a debate with Hillary and before you know it we’ll be back at the $42K he considered rich when he voted to raise taxes last year.

I think we are looking at a trend here

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LA Times – Call to Action

The time for action is now.

Call and email the LA Times and voice your concern for the lack of journalistic integrity.

(877) 554-4000

If you live in LA or subscribe to the LA Times, I strongly encourage you to:

a.) Cancel you subscription — TODAY!
b.) Make sure the newspaper knows why you canceled.
c.) Grab a copy of the paper and make sure that their advertisers, especially the big ones, know that you’ve canceled and why.
d.) Make sure the newspaper knows you’re talking to their advertisers.
e.) If you can spare some time, picket/protest the LA Times offices.
f.) Encourage your friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, etc. to do the same.
g.) Copy this message to every BLOG you visit and email all who believe the American people deserve journalistic integrity from our press.

UPDATE: Still no word from the LA Times, and it seems this situation has all but been forgotten by the MSM.

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Americans in Israel Voting For McCain

The terrorist threat is real, but ironically, thanks to Bush our country is safe and thanks to McCain’s stand against his party in encouraging the strategy of the surge, the US is the big winner…but news of the terrorist threat stays out of the news and people are forgetting that when you vote for president you are voting on foreign policy and national security first and foremost.  If it’s domestic policy that is your number one priority then give those issues priority when voting for your congressman. Interestingly enough though, Americans living in Israel see the terrorist threat as real…of course they do…they are living on the front lines…and guess how they are voting?

According to Tom Gross, media blogger at NRO, Early exit polls show 76% voting for McCain!

In most countries, according to opinion polls, if the local populations had a vote in next week’s American elections, they would choose Obama over McCain.

Among the exceptions (where McCain would win) are Israel, Iraq, Georgia and the Philippines (all countries that have had to cope with terrorism).

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The Youth Vote…

Every election year I hear about the youth vote and that this is the year they will come out and vote in record numbers…once again this year, no surprise, we are hearing it again…we see the record voter registrations from youth…it was reported that almost 80% of youth between 18 and 27 years old are registered for this election…but when asked how many would vote, only 40% said they would…but Fox News today reported that Broward County (one of the most liberal counties in South Florida) Schools have been scheduling school field trips to take 18 year olds to the voting booths…you can probably figure out which way those votes went…

I just pulled into my driveway a few minutes ago.  My neighbor saw me, turned off his mower, and gestured to me as I was getting out of my car… “I like your sign,” he called out.  He was referring to my McCain lawn sign…

he was nervous…almost hesitant to speak too loudly…someone may hear him…i mean he did turn off his mower…

I’m thinking…what is wrong?  THIS IS TEXAS!!!!!

Now I do not think that the support for McCain is anything but strong here, but you can sense the fear of McCain supporters being called racists, evil, or just plain stupid….this won’t stop a seasoned voter from voting for what is right regardless of what others think…which brings me back to the youth…

What kid doesn’t want to be considered cool? The liberals have dominated the youth contingent with the idea that being Liberal is cool…but my neighbor enlightened me…kids being cool, getting drunk and partying aren’t the ones who would actually go out and vote…but which kids are?  The achievers!

Next time you see a kid explain to him what Joe The Plumber has made the central issue of the campaign and which ultimately may the swing the vote back enough in McCain’s favor where McCain wins…America wins…Capitalism.

But these kids don’t pay taxes yet…maybe they just started paying so they know no different…how can they relate? So explain the idea of “distribution of wealth” in ways they can understand.

How would a kid feel if he worked really hard in the classroom…did his homework…and as a result of all his hard work and maybe even a little natural talent scored a 90% on his test…but his teacher tells him that sally was too lazy, partying every night, and really didn’t put much effort into her work so she only got a 50% and failed…so his teacher tells him to give Sally 20 points so he and sally can both pass the test…sounds fair? Apply it to sports, music, the arts..

Well, I am sure to be explaining it that way to kids from now on…

Thanks neighbor!

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Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain?

My first response was omO…I mean…Really?
no.  of course not….In the NYT op-ed piece on October 25th, Kristoff maintains that an Islamist Internet website “closely linked to Al Qaeda and often disseminates the group’s propaganda” endorses McCain…
But, the true endorsement from al-Qaeda came out today…not from a site that espouses Islamo-fascist propaganda, but from an actual al-Qaeda leader…
Once again, will someone please explain how any self-respecting American could vote for Obama when every enemy of ours is rooting for his victory?

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Obama defense…”Racists”

Great cartoon depicting Obama’s best defense…it’s been working thus far in his campaign…I do not think it will work for much longer…

Obama Defense - "Racists"

Obama Defense -

Obama defense –

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When voting for president think of foreign policy

The McCain Campaign has chosen not to focus enough on the one major issue that a President actually has control over…Foreign Policy…

At the end of the day the congress controls domestic policy, while the president actually can affect foreign policy and national security.

In these two ads, I think the Republican Jewish Coalition does a fine job explaining why John McCain is the right choice and why Obama is the dangerous choice.

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