Covering a Wide Range in a Random Way


My First Blog…

Scattershooting…while wondering whatever happened to the world’s first blogger…Blackie Sherrod…

My blog will cover a wide range in a random way…

My grandma gave me great advice as a child… “Don’t talk with your mouth full or your head empty.” I’ll try to follow her advice in my attempt to blog…

My promise to you: good manners and my random thoughts…



  1. Shabbot Shalom

    This website is posted by an Orthodox Jew. The third segment on the USA, Israel and Sarah Palin is excellent.

    If this is true, the Somali pirates were the instruments of G-d in once again miraculously saving Israel,

    Comment by thomas Malloy | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. So far, I likw what I see.


    Comment by Steven | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. American citizens of the Jewish faith should put America’s best interest over Israel. They have no rigth to try to manipulate American foreign policy in ways that damage our own well being; like the Iraq war that has bankrupted the US economy. Israel has squandered the world’s sympathy for its so-called “religious state”, by proving itself to be as brutal, and disrespectful for human life as any other country in the Middle-East. I personally question the religious faith of anyone, in any country who advocates violence—and your endorsing John McCain for President over Barrack Obama is exactly that: an endorsement of an extremist warmonger over a man who not only was independently strong enough to disagree with the invasion of Iraq, but has consistently stood up for upholding national and international law, and courageously pursuing diplomacy over military aggressive. War begins when religion fails; and clearly every warring country in the Middle-East is an example of this truth. Judaic law teaches that “Thaou Shalt Not Kill”, and until the Israeli government tempers its military strategies with that teaching, it should not consider itself a Jewish State. It is just a another state, like any other in the world: full of greedy, narrow minded, bigoted people. The furthest thing from Religion!

    Comment by mik | November 7, 2008 | Reply

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