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The Youth Vote…

Every election year I hear about the youth vote and that this is the year they will come out and vote in record numbers…once again this year, no surprise, we are hearing it again…we see the record voter registrations from youth…it was reported that almost 80% of youth between 18 and 27 years old are registered for this election…but when asked how many would vote, only 40% said they would…but Fox News today reported that Broward County (one of the most liberal counties in South Florida) Schools have been scheduling school field trips to take 18 year olds to the voting booths…you can probably figure out which way those votes went…

I just pulled into my driveway a few minutes ago.  My neighbor saw me, turned off his mower, and gestured to me as I was getting out of my car… “I like your sign,” he called out.  He was referring to my McCain lawn sign…

he was nervous…almost hesitant to speak too loudly…someone may hear him…i mean he did turn off his mower…

I’m thinking…what is wrong?  THIS IS TEXAS!!!!!

Now I do not think that the support for McCain is anything but strong here, but you can sense the fear of McCain supporters being called racists, evil, or just plain stupid….this won’t stop a seasoned voter from voting for what is right regardless of what others think…which brings me back to the youth…

What kid doesn’t want to be considered cool? The liberals have dominated the youth contingent with the idea that being Liberal is cool…but my neighbor enlightened me…kids being cool, getting drunk and partying aren’t the ones who would actually go out and vote…but which kids are?  The achievers!

Next time you see a kid explain to him what Joe The Plumber has made the central issue of the campaign and which ultimately may the swing the vote back enough in McCain’s favor where McCain wins…America wins…Capitalism.

But these kids don’t pay taxes yet…maybe they just started paying so they know no different…how can they relate? So explain the idea of “distribution of wealth” in ways they can understand.

How would a kid feel if he worked really hard in the classroom…did his homework…and as a result of all his hard work and maybe even a little natural talent scored a 90% on his test…but his teacher tells him that sally was too lazy, partying every night, and really didn’t put much effort into her work so she only got a 50% and failed…so his teacher tells him to give Sally 20 points so he and sally can both pass the test…sounds fair? Apply it to sports, music, the arts..

Well, I am sure to be explaining it that way to kids from now on…

Thanks neighbor!


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  1. I saw your message at CNN and decided to check out your blog. Although I respect your opinion, there is one thing you forgot about– the liberal, well-educated person that will go vote. I graduated magna cum laude from a very prestigious university and I will be at the voting booth at 6 a.m. casting my ballot for Obama. The thing is I pay a lot of taxes, my husband and I have good jobs and I worked two jobs in college to pay my tuition. I know what it is to work a hard day. I’m not a liberal because it’s cool, because to anyone over 30 it’s not. As a liberal, you must defend everything you stand for. I’m a liberal because it is what I truly believe. I am voting for Obama for no other reason that he stands for everything I believe in and everything I can hope this country to be.

    Comment by A Liberal Scholar | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree with scatter’s thread here, but not with the first poster (A Liberal Scholar). Young people for the most part do not think about the future, about saving money,about long term effects on production and employment. Many of my high school students are dismayed when they get their first paycheck for a part time job. Later, when they are out on their own, they come back to their old high school and complain about job hunting, and about paying for insurance. Many Obama young people don’t realize that by raising taxes on those who provide jobs will ultimately reduce the number of positions. At the same time, by reducing the military by 25%, the job base will also be impacted. In history, when many soldiers were released from service, homeless men were everywhere. This happened in Britain after the Napoleonic War and even here after Vietnam. I do not see how an educated person could overlook Wright, Ayers, Auchi, Rezko, the bc question, the lack of a paper trail for schools and state Senate records, the redistribution of wealth, the sexism against Hillary and Sarah, the choice of a drunk who gaffes on cue for vp, and his numerous overseas and fraudulent contributions, and finally his ties to ACORN and other questionable connections like Kalidi and the Woods Foundation.

    Comment by angrynana | October 30, 2008 | Reply

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