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Bias…or just bad reporting and analysis at the Washington Post?

From the same folks who brought you the reporter who thought the most riveting question of the day at Obama’s first press conference was what he thought about A-Rod’s admitted steroid use comes this gem from its story today on the election results in Israel:

“In many ways, the deep split in the Israeli electorate mirrors the split within the Palestinian government, between the Fatah party that controls the West Bank and the Hamas organization that controls the Gaza Strip.”

You just gotta love those Fatah “moderates”…such peace lovers…especially in comparison to those evil Israeli nationalists leaders such as Bibi, Lieberman, Elon…

WaPo would have us believe that Hamas and Bibi are just two peas in a pod…


The Washington Post has long had terrible Israel coverage…My question:

Is it bias…or just bad reporting and analysis?


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The New American Judaism

I am disappointed with American Jews to say the least.  This you would know from my previous posting.

I mean we just can’t ever get it right.

And the fact that we have voted so overwhelmingly for a man who is a mystery when it comes to a lot of issues except Israel and the Jewish People.

What we do know is the friends the President-Elect sought out to catapult his political career do not share the same concerns as Jews.

Rashid Khalidi…former official press liason for the PLO when it was considered a terrorist organization compares Israeli settlers to Osama Bin Laden and the alleged Israeli oppression of the arabs worse than naziism…Obama admitted that Khalidi opened his eyes and he will take what he learned from Khalidi with him forever… (see LA Times – Call To Action , Ask Khalidi )

Rev. Jeremiah Wright…preached black liberation theology, anti-semitic, anti-zionist, racist ideology while Obama sat in his pews for 20 years without condemning his mentor once…

William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn…communist and anti-zionist unrepentant domestic terrorists are his mentors…Obama has condemned their actions but has refused to condemn them personally to this day…

I made mention of his friends many times as not being a diversion of the issues but the core of all issues. (Obama’s friends ,Strange Bedfellows )

His whole campaign void of ideas and substance…consisting of mere slogans…with his consistent bashing of Bush, we can assume at least, he is against anythng Bush is for…and that is not good for Jews as Bush has been the best friend Israel has ever had…

With Obama tapping Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, you will indubitably hear from Jews a collective hurrah!  Solely because he is Jewish?

They will claim he is an orthodox Jew… but that fact alone doesn’t mean all Jews are good for the Jews…this is akin to asserting that Obama’s skin color automatically makes his policies good for blacks…his skin color alone however I will admit should serve to inspire all those of minority groups in the US and world-wide…

As for Rahm, his father sounds cool…but Rahm’s service under Clinton was in coordinating the failed Oslo accords…

You will hear that his father fought in the Irgun…Sounds good to me! But ironically, the Jews trying to defend Obama would in any other situation be the ones claiming the Irgun was a terrorist organization akin to Hamas.  But what does that have to do with Rahm’s policies and priorities?


Dennis Ross, Rahm Emanuel, and other distinguished Jews were destructive in their efforts under Clinton in forcing Israel hand to make concessions for peace with an enemy who did not want peace….and the result was Intifada and deaths of innocent Israelis and Americans.

Peace Now activists all but disappeared from the scene after Clinton’s attempts to push Israel into making painful and fatal concessions to the Palestinian Authority…hopefully the Rahm appointment doesn’t wake all these Peace Now activists up from their slumber again and start Israel down the dangerous path again…

Jews have gone to bat for Obama by asserting Obama is a friend of Israel and the Jewish People because his wife’s first cousin was the “black rabbi” of the southside.  But they will not answer the question why the did he not go to his cousin’s synagogue instead of sitting in the pews of Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years.

But of course Jews will defend their man until the cows come home.

The simple reason:

The new American Judaism.

Today in America secular Jews dominate the scene.  The majority in Jewish opinion circles are non-orthodox.  Where in orthodox Jewish circles you will find more than 80% with conservative ideology, less than 20% of the non-orthodox Jewish circles share the same views.  While secular Jews have retained their cultural identity by enjoying a good bagel with a shmear of cream cheese ( what we call gastronomic Jews), they stopped believing in God…and in fact took the Jewish idea of “fearing God” to a wholly non-Jewish idea of being “scared of God.”  Sadly, secular Jews began thinking it was funny to mock their brethren who do…and unfortunately have condemned our gentile friends of faith as well…they are scared of not just God but those who believe in an existence of such higher spiritual power.

The American Judaism consists of a Jew without Judaism.

Reminiscent of the days of communism when Soviet Jews filled the vacuum created by the lack of religion with a Party…the communist party…secular Jews in America today have filled the vacuum and replaced their religious identity with a Party…it may not be the communist one…but it appears to moving in that direction very quickly…

What a shanda!

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Democrat on Obama: Not Politically Courageous

Democratic US Congressman Jerold Nadler, upon being confronted by his Jewish constituents, regarding the Obama/Wright relationship:

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s Web Ad: Obama Lacks Political Courage in the congressman’s own words.

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Ask Professor Khalidi…

The LA Times seems to think it’s not in the public interest what went on at the Jew bashing party Barack Obama attended at his friend Rashid Khalidi’s house.

I was thinking…if the LA Times doesn’t want Americans to know, maybe Professor Khalidi will let us know.

He does not take calls from journalists…only private citizens…

Call 212.666.5463

Amazing little thing that Google search…

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Americans in Israel Voting For McCain

The terrorist threat is real, but ironically, thanks to Bush our country is safe and thanks to McCain’s stand against his party in encouraging the strategy of the surge, the US is the big winner…but news of the terrorist threat stays out of the news and people are forgetting that when you vote for president you are voting on foreign policy and national security first and foremost.  If it’s domestic policy that is your number one priority then give those issues priority when voting for your congressman. Interestingly enough though, Americans living in Israel see the terrorist threat as real…of course they do…they are living on the front lines…and guess how they are voting?

According to Tom Gross, media blogger at NRO, Early exit polls show 76% voting for McCain!

In most countries, according to opinion polls, if the local populations had a vote in next week’s American elections, they would choose Obama over McCain.

Among the exceptions (where McCain would win) are Israel, Iraq, Georgia and the Philippines (all countries that have had to cope with terrorism).

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When voting for president think of foreign policy

The McCain Campaign has chosen not to focus enough on the one major issue that a President actually has control over…Foreign Policy…

At the end of the day the congress controls domestic policy, while the president actually can affect foreign policy and national security.

In these two ads, I think the Republican Jewish Coalition does a fine job explaining why John McCain is the right choice and why Obama is the dangerous choice.

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