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LA Times – Call to Action

The time for action is now.

Call and email the LA Times and voice your concern for the lack of journalistic integrity.

(877) 554-4000

If you live in LA or subscribe to the LA Times, I strongly encourage you to:

a.) Cancel you subscription — TODAY!
b.) Make sure the newspaper knows why you canceled.
c.) Grab a copy of the paper and make sure that their advertisers, especially the big ones, know that you’ve canceled and why.
d.) Make sure the newspaper knows you’re talking to their advertisers.
e.) If you can spare some time, picket/protest the LA Times offices.
f.) Encourage your friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, etc. to do the same.
g.) Copy this message to every BLOG you visit and email all who believe the American people deserve journalistic integrity from our press.

UPDATE: Still no word from the LA Times, and it seems this situation has all but been forgotten by the MSM.


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Why would any self-respecting Jew vote for Obama?

I saw a clip of Shep Smith interviewing Joe The Plumber and Shep continually claims that Obama is adamant about his pro-Israel stance… I guess he hasn’t seen the video of Obama palling around with his friends…oh yeah, the LA Times is refusing to release it
This is a serious issue…

There are numerous reasons why a Jew wouldn’t vote for Obama…Mona Charen provides a very good argument why Jews shouldn’t vote for Obama at National Review Online.
But I have yet to hear a good reason why a Jew should vote for Obama…

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