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Bias…or just bad reporting and analysis at the Washington Post?

From the same folks who brought you the reporter who thought the most riveting question of the day at Obama’s first press conference was what he thought about A-Rod’s admitted steroid use comes this gem from its story today on the election results in Israel:

“In many ways, the deep split in the Israeli electorate mirrors the split within the Palestinian government, between the Fatah party that controls the West Bank and the Hamas organization that controls the Gaza Strip.”

You just gotta love those Fatah “moderates”…such peace lovers…especially in comparison to those evil Israeli nationalists leaders such as Bibi, Lieberman, Elon…

WaPo would have us believe that Hamas and Bibi are just two peas in a pod…


The Washington Post has long had terrible Israel coverage…My question:

Is it bias…or just bad reporting and analysis?


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Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling on Bailout, Obama, and Upcoming Election

On Tuesday night Congressman Hensarling spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition of North Texas.

He has established himself as a conservative leader since his election to Congress in 2002, and currently chairs the Republican Study Committee.  Keep an eye out for one of the new leaders of the Republican Party. Some of the rising stars of the GOP he mentioned and admired included Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Marsha Blackburn, and a couple of others.

He explained his opposition to the recent bailout and his concern regarding potentially electing a “socialist” as president.  That’s right.  His exact words: “Clinton is not a socialist.  Carter is not a socialist. Barack Obama is a socialist.” He also used the word “socialist” to describe Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.  Although it was interesting to hear him say that when it comes to character assesment he he does believe Barney Frank is an honest person.  He did not have the same opinion of Pelosi.

He gave one big warning: it will be devastating if after November 4th there are less than 44 republican senatorsm, claiming 4 republicans are unreliable.  Would anyone like to guess who the four are? Hint…one is from Oregon, two are females from the northeast, and another one is from a state Obama didn’t think he’d be defending at this point.

Finally, Hensarling was adamant that the fraud ACORN is committing will play a major role in the upcoming election in the most important battleground states.

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