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Bias…or just bad reporting and analysis at the Washington Post?

From the same folks who brought you the reporter who thought the most riveting question of the day at Obama’s first press conference was what he thought about A-Rod’s admitted steroid use comes this gem from its story today on the election results in Israel:

“In many ways, the deep split in the Israeli electorate mirrors the split within the Palestinian government, between the Fatah party that controls the West Bank and the Hamas organization that controls the Gaza Strip.”

You just gotta love those Fatah “moderates”…such peace lovers…especially in comparison to those evil Israeli nationalists leaders such as Bibi, Lieberman, Elon…

WaPo would have us believe that Hamas and Bibi are just two peas in a pod…


The Washington Post has long had terrible Israel coverage…My question:

Is it bias…or just bad reporting and analysis?


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Israel’s enemy is not Hamas…

Although we continually hear it in all the media, Israel’s enemy right now is not Hamas.  Rather its enemy is Gaza.

Israel cannot pretend to be fighting a war against Hamas.  Israel must make it clear that its enemy is not the democratically elected governing party.  For the media and anyone else to believe such a thing is pure naivete.   Gazan Arabs overwhelmingly elected a government whose primary goal as stated in its own Charter is the elimination of the State of Israel.  Hamas, as such, is not some fringe terrorist group, nor is it a bunch of freedom fighters. When Israel disengaged and pulled its own people from their homes in Gaza for the sake of peace, the Gazan Arabs who remained, in addition to electing a terrorist organization to rule over them, they declared war on its neighbor.   Gazan Arabs were given their freedom and as such even those who claim Hamas isn’t a terrorist organization, but rather freedom fighters, have no basis for such differentiation in terms, as it is indisputable that the Gazan Arabs were given their freedom when Israel disengaged.  Unfortunately, Israel gave up Gaza for peace.  On the same day, Israel withdrew its population and handed over territory to the Gazan Arabs to rule over themselves they chose to declare war with Israel by starting a missile barrage against Israel that has lasted ever since…
Finally Israel is doing the right thing…defending itself against not just Hamas, but rather the Gazan Arab enemy.  How can anyone expect Israel to fight a war based on proportionality of force?  Suggestions that Israel or anyone else should fight a “moral” war based on proportionality of force is absolutely amoral when the only winner in such a war is the one posing the existential threat to the other.  In this case, Israel must do all it can and with all its force to protect itself from the existential threat posed against her…which is not simply Hamas…but Gaza…which at present time unfortunately, means the Fatah alternative is no better than Hamas…

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