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American tolerance…

With all this talk about hope and change and the change for hope of changing hope, many insist that the change they wanted was a tolerant America….and with Obama at the help we can hope for it…

Remind me who said that the election would not be about race and in the same breath claimed that the republicans would make it all about race…

It is beyond me, that people in America needed this election to prove to themselves and the world that America is beyond racism, bigotry, and hate…

I guess that’s because in the red state from which I hail, all us redneck conservatives of faith already knew that…

As for bigotry and hate, I am not saying that bigotry does not exist…But what I am saying is that America as a whole is beyond racism and those doubters are hopefully now assured of that by our historic election which is an incredible inspiration to people of all races…

I think our real problem remains, however, in the inherent sexism in this country…This is what we should be talking about…Sexism is hate too…and hopefully Obama can prove his naysayers wrong by leading us into an era void of sexism too…

Given Obama’s poor record, all we have is hope to change the discussion from race to gender…


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