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McCain crushes Obama in last debate…

Tonight, on Monday Night Football at the half, Boomer asked some of the toughest and most pointed questions of the presidential campaign season to both candidates.

All the polls and all the focus groups unanimously agree: America gives McCain the victory as he crushed Obama in the last debate before election day.

Obama focused on his ego as usual.  Claiming it has always been difficult for him to focus on anything but himself.  His high school basketball coach admonished him.  But he thinks as difficult as it has been to focus on other than self, he believes he can do it now….

McCain was quick with answers…no stutters…uhhhs…he claimed that his lessons he learned as a poor JV football player and an equally unsuccessful wrestler and boxer was to do things honorably.  Others may not know, but you will.  And that’s the important thing.  As for one thig he would like the American people to know about him before they go into the booth…”that I could…go…all…the way…to the White House.”  Really funny stuff…he said what we all know…that he has always put his country first and the American people can count on him to do so as president…

interesting…Obama focuses on ego…McCain focuses on Country…

I guess I didn’t learn anything new at the last debate of this election year…but maybe some of the undecideds did…could this have been the debate that puts McCain over the top?

Can you say “Gamechanger!!!!!”


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