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The rise of another democratically elected dictator…

I am amazed by history…

I am amazed at how Hitler rose to power…a democratically elected dictator…

Big Brother seems to be upon us already…

Government computers used to access information on a private citizen…

Newspapers with editorial boards who do not endorse a candidate gets kicked off that candidate’s plane…

A candidate promising a new Civilian Security Services separate from the military and police…

This is starting to get really scary…

Although The One may have been anointed by the MSM, he hasn’t been elected yet…

Let the American people decide as it always has…by voting!

UPDATE: The people were hopeless…and they have voted…



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  1. Big Brother started with the Patriot Act and that was 100 percent Republican. One person looked into records in Ohio not an entire party in Washington D.C.. Keep hero worshipping the man who denounced his own country(McCain).

    Comment by Terry | November 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. It’s EXTREMELY scary and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky and his “bible” (purposely a small ‘b’) “Rules for Radicals” by Alinski is an important read for every American so they can get to know their President-elect and what his radical ideas and tactics really are. He played the campaign totally by the book. DANGEROUS is an understatement. I never thought I’d see my beloved country elect such a fraud. Hopefully the country being in such a financial crisis will inhibit him from enacting his crazy ideas, and hopefully if he does try, the American people will have woken up from their Obama-Zombi-ism by then and will not stand for it.

    Comment by Barb | November 10, 2008 | Reply

  3. Um, no… Saul Alinsky belongs to another generation.

    You have endured a state with severely compromised civil liberties for the past eight years. We just handed 700 billion hard earned taxpayers over to people who managed money badly, run up incredible deficits on the war… tried to replace basic government functions with a series of crony contractors…

    What the hell is the matter with you?

    So now we have a black president and you want to assign all the dubious qualities to him because you expect him to rise up and exact revenge.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s not his thing…not his experience as a black man, either. He pretty much missed the big show of the sixties.

    We are in a mess and we are already in a financial crisis, not from his “crazy ideas,” but from his predecessor’s, who believed that totally unregulated markets were somehow moral and self correcting.

    “Dangerous” is what we’ve just been through.

    Haven’t you any economic knowledge?

    He played the campaign by a higher book than campaigns we have seen before–none of the scurrilous attacks you are trying to keep alive here.

    YOU, my dears, are the same old politics, the stuff of which gridlock is made.

    If you can’t help, please at least step out of the way. There is so much work to do, and it’t not about dismantling our poor, embattled Constitution.

    Don’t worry. I won’t be back. I stumbled over here.

    Comment by Lulu Maude | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  4. Read the poster, someone forgot to spell check. “Toubled” oops.

    Comment by hmmm | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  5. “We are in a mess and we are already in a financial crisis, not from his “crazy ideas,” but from his predecessor’s, who believed that totally unregulated markets were somehow moral and self correcting.”

    “Haven’t you any economic knowledge?”

    I must ask you the same. If you look at the charts of the natural ebb and flow of the economy, you would realize that the economy is natural and will go up and down in a natural order. Please research before posting in the future.

    Comment by Matt | January 28, 2009 | Reply

  6. Barb, you are a simpleton. Either that or you have been so indoctrinated by the democrats that you can’t see beyond your own nose. Interesting that you immediately inject race into the argument. Sorry, no one is scared anymore to speak out against someone because of their skin color. A crook is a crook, a dope is a dope. Race has nothing to do with it. Take off your blinders deary and take a GOOD HARD LOOK at what your savior is doing to this country and not even in office a full month.

    Your drooling over him and blind allegiance to him is what frightens people with functioning brain cells. The man has NO experience, is completely unqualified for the position, but has an enormous power base and support system. Now why would that be? How DID he manage to be elected? Oh that’s right Bush was the devil, sorry I forgot…

    Oh I could go on, but the argument would be lost on you. Your ability to comprehend basic political ideas has obviously been structured by the radical anti American faction called democrats. In true socialist democrat fashion, you claim that you won’t be back. I think you’re lying because you leftists have an overpowering need to see if anyone has responded. Then you can go to your Bundt meetings and talk about how you’ve chalked another one up for the cause.

    When you’ve outlived your usefulness to the party, they will cast you aside like a bag of guano. Don’t feel betrayed though. You’ve been a useful idiot.

    Comment by Jim | February 11, 2009 | Reply

  7. Apologies, The above was directed at Lulu, NOT Barb. My eyes have been full of tears since the election as I see my country going straight to hell. Apologies Barb, you are completely correct.

    Comment by Jim | February 11, 2009 | Reply

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