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Obama lies about campaign finance fraud

Obama lied to the American people when he broke his pledge to accept public financing.

Now he is lying about the illegal contributions he is receiving from online donors…

Asked by Gibson on Oct. 29 if he would disclose the names of his many unidentified donors, Obama said, “Look, you know, 3.1 million donors would be a pretty hard thing for us to be able to process. And we have done everything that’s been asked of us under the FEC guidelines.

“These are small donors. They’re ordinary folks. And the idea behind all campaign finance reform is to make sure that the public official is not bought and sold…. I may come into the White House with fewer strings attached to me than just about any presidential candidate in history.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the merchant services/credit card processing company says it is rather simple to do:

However, a five-minute phone call to Bank of America’s merchant-services department showed how a campaign could sort transactions to identify the credit cards used in donations. The campaign could download transaction data from the bank’s Web site and transfer the file into a database, such as Excel, said the Bank of America employee. “Then highlight all your transactions and click your sort button,” the employee said.

The question that remains is while McCain stood by his pledge to accept public financing and also accepts online donations only from people who submit an address that matches the billing address for their credit card, how can anyone trust Obama?

Check out the whole story is at the non-partisan National Journal website .


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  1. Obama never said he would do that and you know it. He said he would consider it. He changed his mind now stop whining about it.

    Comment by zapora | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Not true…
    He signed a pledge…
    But as you will find out, Obama likes to “consider” doing a lot of things…

    Comment by bazznewzz | November 2, 2008 | Reply

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